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We have a diverse wildlife population at Webber Hill Farm and take great enjoyment in encouraging as much as possible. During the conversion of Dreamcatcher and the renovation of other redundant farm buildings we have made sure that any bird nesting places in the cob were replaced with purpose built nest boxes or gaps under the eaves.wildlife4 We have installed a box with a camera on the house and keep hoping somebody will nest in there …..

You are very likely to see sparrows popping in and out of the holes left in Dreamcatcher, and in the barns on the other side of the sunken garden. You will almost certainly hear the young cheeping in their nests if you are here during spring and early summer. We have had swifts nesting on occasions and the swallows are regular nesters, teaching their young to catch insects off of the top of the pond – look out for this as it can bewildlife5 quite spectacular when there are a lot of them.

Annually we give up our rights to a letter box in the gate entrance for either the Great Tit or Robin family. Other wildlife that you are likely to see includes dragon and damselflies, squirrels, rabbits, pheasants, buzzards, sparrowhawks, many different types of garden birds. You may also find the occasional chicken comes to visit and lambs have been known to skip up the drive to investigate the goings on. You will hear owls – usually Tawny owls. You may even spot the barn owl; it has been seen from time to time silently flying across the farm.

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